Cattails: Wildwood Story – A Feline Adventure on the Switch eShop

Cattails: Wildwood Story – A Feline Adventure on the Switch eShop

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Welcome to the world of Cattails: Wildwood Story, where you can experience the thrill of being a cat in a captivating RPG adventure. Join me, Jennifer Thompson, as I take you on a journey through this charming game that has just arrived on the Switch eShop. Get ready to lead your feline colony, forge new friendships, and unravel the secrets of the mysterious forest. Let’s dive in!

Embark on a Feline Adventure

Experience the thrill of being a cat in a captivating RPG

Are you ready to unleash your inner feline and embark on a thrilling adventure? In Cattails: Wildwood Story, you get to step into the paws of a cat and explore a captivating RPG world. From the moment you start the game, you’ll be immersed in a rich and enchanting experience that will keep you coming back for more.

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As you navigate through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to lead your feline colony into the mysterious forest. Along the way, you’ll encounter new friends, forage for food, and even engage in combat against formidable foes. The world of Cattails: Wildwood Story is filled with excitement and surprises at every turn.

Forge Friendships and Uncover Mysteries

Build relationships and delve into the secrets of the forest

One of the highlights of Cattails: Wildwood Story is the opportunity to forge friendships with other cats in your colony. Spend time chatting and getting to know your fellow felines, and you might just find a special connection. You can even take it a step further and enter into romantic relationships, leading to marriage and a deeper bond.

But it’s not all about socializing. The forest holds many mysteries waiting to be uncovered. From eerie voidling cats to spooky spirits, there’s a dark underbelly to this seemingly peaceful world. As you explore and interact with the environment, you’ll gradually unravel the secrets and put an end to the assault on your colony.

Customize Your Colony and Battle Enemies

Create your ideal settlement and defend against adversaries

In Cattails: Wildwood Story, you have the freedom to choose where to start your new settlement and customize it to your liking. Will you build your colony in a dense pine forest, a sandy beach, or perhaps a flower-filled river meadow? The choice is yours. Expand your town by attracting new residents and watch it flourish.

But be prepared for challenges. Eerie voidling cats are appearing in great numbers, threatening your settlement. Engage in combat and stand firm against the encroaching enemies. Your brave colony cats will join your side to help defend your borders. Discover the source of these evil spirits and put an end to their assault once and for all.

Hunt, Garden, and Customize Your Cat

Unleash your hunting skills, tend to your garden, and personalize your cat

Put your acute sense of smell to the test as you hunt for prey in the wild. Sneak up on unsuspecting animals and pounce to catch them unaware. With practice, you’ll become a skilled hunter and have a bountiful meal waiting for you in the grass.

Not only can you hunt, but you can also tend to your garden and grow high-quality herbs. Sow seeds, nurture your plants, and reap the rewards of a healthy and thriving garden. Use what you grow for your adventures or sell it for a tidy profit.

And let’s not forget about personalization. Visit the Coat Studio to update your cat’s appearance and create a unique player character. Choose from various body types, colors, and accessories to make your cat truly one-of-a-kind. Show off your creativity and share your creations with others.

Immerse Yourself in the Captivating Soundtrack

Enjoy over 2 hours of kitten-inspired music

No adventure is complete without a captivating soundtrack, and Cattails: Wildwood Story delivers just that. Composed by series veteran Tormod Garvin, the game’s soundtrack features over 2 hours of kitten-inspired music. Let the enchanting melodies accompany you on your journey and enhance the immersive experience.

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