Discover the Changes in Champions with Patch 13.10

Discover the Changes in Champions with Patch 13.10

15/05/2023 04:45 All8game


League of Legends (LOL) gamers all over the world are now eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming patch 13.10. It is expected to bring significant changes to the game, particularly with regards to the champions available in the game. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most highly-anticipated changes that players can expect in patch 13.10.

One of the most notable changes in patch 13.10 is the rework of the champion, Tahm Kench. For years, Tahm Kench has been a staple pick for support players, due in large part to his ability to protect his allies from damage. However, Riot has decided to shift his abilities to the jungle, making him a viable pick for junglers as well. With his new abilities, Tahm Kench can now clear jungle camps and take objectives much more efficiently than before.

Another highly-anticipated change is the rework of the champion, Mordekaiser. For a long time, Mordekaiser has been a top-lane bully, but with patch 13.10, he is expected to become a formidable mid-lane champion as well. The changes made to his kit will enable him to deal greater damage to enemy champions in the mid-lane, while still maintaining his strong presence in top-lane matchups.

There are also numerous changes to other champions, such as Ryze, who has received a new ultimate ability that allows him to summon a portal for his allies to travel through. In addition, the champion, Rumble, has been given some much-needed love, with increased damage on his Q ability, which will help him to better control the lane and win trades against his opponents.

There have also been a number of changes to items in patch 13.10. For instance, the Guardian’s Angel item has been reworked to provide additional defense stats to the user, while also providing an invulnerability effect when the user dies. Additionally, the Sterak’s Gage item has been given a new passive effect that grants bonus damage to the user, making it a highly attractive choice for bruiser champions.

In terms of runes, there are some notable changes to the Conqueror rune. In patch 13.10, the Conqueror rune will now deal true damage, which will enable bruiser champions to more effectively deal with tanks. Additionally, the Domination tree has been given a new keystone rune called Conqueror of Darkness, which grants additional healing to the user, making it a highly attractive option for sustain-based champions.

Finally, the jungle role has seen some significant changes in patch 13.10 as well. Specifically, jungle camps have been retuned to make them more difficult to clear, which will hopefully reduce the speed at which junglers can dominate games. Additionally, some jungle camps have been moved around to make them more strategically important, which should increase the importance of securing objectives in the early game.

In conclusion, patch 13.10 will bring a lot of changes to the League of Legends gameplay and champions. With all this in mind, it is important for players to stay informed and aware of these changes to prepare accordingly before launching into the game again. As always, it is yet again an exciting time for the community, and we cannot wait to see the new changes in action.


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