Discover the Weird and Wonderful Early Concepts of Super Mario RPG

Discover the Weird and Wonderful Early Concepts of Super Mario RPG

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Welcome to a journey through the creative process behind Super Mario RPG! In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing early concept art of the game and explore the bizarre ideas that were considered before the final version. Get ready to discover the fascinating world of Mario Musketeers and the peculiar Slug Kingdom villains. Let’s dive in!

Early Development and Creative Exploration

Uncover the fascinating journey of Super Mario RPG’s early development and the creative exploration that took place. Dive into the mind of the developer and discover the unique concepts that were considered.

In the early stages of Super Mario RPG’s development, the team embarked on a creative exploration to envision how the beloved Nintendo mascot could transition into the world of RPG. Jiro Mifune, a Square developer who worked on the game, sketched up various ideas that showcased the team’s imaginative process.

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One intriguing concept that emerged was the ‘Three Musketeers’ theme. Mifune felt uncomfortable picturing Mario with a sword and armor, so he envisioned a different approach. Although this idea was ultimately scrapped, it offers a glimpse into the unique direction the game could have taken.

Another captivating concept involved a race of villains from the ‘Slug Kingdom’. These quirky adversaries would have added a distinct flavor to the game’s narrative and gameplay. While they didn’t make it into the final version, they remain an interesting part of Super Mario RPG’s early development history.

Celebrating the Remake on Switch

Join in the celebration of the ‘miracle remake’ of Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch. Discover the developer’s motivation behind sharing the early concept art and their appreciation for the game’s reimagined version.

In a heartwarming gesture, Jiro Mifune, the developer behind the early concept art, shared these intriguing sketches on Twitter to commemorate the remake of Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch. He expressed his gratitude towards the team that worked on the remake and expressed joy in witnessing players’ experiences with the game.

This celebration of the game’s revival on the Switch allows fans to appreciate the journey of Super Mario RPG and the creative choices that shaped its final form. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy of this beloved RPG and the impact it continues to have on players.

The Lost Potential of Mario Musketeers

Explore the ‘Three Musketeers’ concept and delve into the potential of Mario Musketeers as a unique gameplay experience. Imagine the adventures that could have unfolded in this alternate version of Super Mario RPG.

The ‘Three Musketeers’ concept, born out of Jiro Mifune’s desire to explore a different side of Mario, presents an intriguing what-if scenario. Picture Mario and his companions embarking on daring quests, engaging in sword fights, and navigating a world inspired by the iconic Musketeer theme.

While this concept didn’t make it into the final game, it sparks the imagination and leaves us wondering about the unique gameplay mechanics and storylines that could have unfolded. What would Mario Musketeers have been like? It’s a fascinating glimpse into the untapped potential of Super Mario RPG.

The Quirky World of the Slug Kingdom

Discover the fascinating concept of the Slug Kingdom and the whimsical villains that could have inhabited it. Imagine the challenges Mario would have faced in this unconventional RPG setting.

The idea of a race of villains from the ‘Slug Kingdom’ adds a touch of whimsy to the world of Super Mario RPG. These peculiar adversaries would have provided unique challenges for Mario and his companions, with their slimy nature and unconventional abilities.

Although the Slug Kingdom didn’t become a reality in the final game, it’s an intriguing concept that showcases the developers’ creativity and willingness to think outside the box. The game’s rich universe could have expanded even further with the inclusion of these eccentric characters.

Reflecting on What Could Have Been

Contemplate the alternate paths that Super Mario RPG could have taken and share your thoughts on the early concept art. Let us know which ideas you find most intriguing and discuss the potential they held.

As we explore the early concept art of Super Mario RPG, it’s natural to wonder about the possibilities that were left behind. Which of the discarded ideas do you find most fascinating? Would you have enjoyed playing Mario Musketeers or facing off against the quirky villains of the Slug Kingdom?

Share your thoughts and join the conversation. The world of game development is filled with intriguing ‘what-ifs’, and Super Mario RPG’s early concept art gives us a glimpse into the fascinating roads not taken. Let your imagination run wild and envision the untapped potential of this beloved RPG.

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