How to play, game rules, and simple winning strategies Among US – Part 3

How to play, game rules, and simple winning strategies Among US – Part 3

05/04/2023 05:51 All8game


Continuing the series of articles on how to play Among Us, today we will guide you on the most effective game tips

The III. Playing among us.

1. Crewmate

Action team work, go together to avoid being murdered.

Watch the security cameras to track the suspects.

among us

Respect for those who doubt.

Don’t trust anyone, anyone can be an impostor.

2. Impostor

Don’t show yourself, a man who always shows himself to be the attention of other players, be restrained and become dangerous! Pretend that you are the new one that will make it easier for you to win.

Avoid murder while going with the group, a murderer will become more mysterious when coming out without leaving any trace. Combined with your acting abilities no one can doubt.

among us

Do not use the ventilation hole to move repeatedly. The privilege of the anthropologist is to be able to move quickly from one place to another by the airway, which would be annoying if seen by others when they are in.

among us

Planned destruction, in addition to being stupid, the destruction of the ship is still the task of the celebrity, skillfully arranging traps to put the prey in the trap!

Among Us is a psychological game, very fun. Hopefully through the article you have been able to play the game. What secrets do you have to win? Don’t be afraid to leave your opinion in the comment section!


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