How to play, game rules, and simple winning strategies Among US – Part 1

How to play, game rules, and simple winning strategies Among US – Part 1

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A compelling computer wrestling game, Among Us is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices. The same article describes in great detail how to play Among Us and provides winning strategies!

I. Playing Rules Among Us

There are two factions among Us: the Crewmember and the Impostor. Similar rules to those of Deceit, Wolf
Beginning of the game: Everyone will be gathered in the cockpit and given the task of repairing the ship.

1. Crewmate


How to proceed:

  • Identify the damaging actions of the defamer and accuser.
  • Prosecute the suspect when he discovers the body.
  • Observe surveillance cameras and observe the actions of the suspected impostor.
  • Complete assigned tasks and ship maintenance.
  • If you are killed, you transform into a soul that can still assist your surviving teammates.

Prerequisites for victory:

  • Find the impostor and vote to have him or her destroyed.
  • It no longer matters who the Impostor is if the ship is successfully repaired.

2. Impostor


How to proceed:

  • Remove every crewmember from the ship.
  • Destroy the vessel by: (Oxygen gas, power tank of the ship)
  • Move through the Vent gas pipeline to disturb the crewmates.
  • Hide yourself in a group of trustworthy individuals.

Prerequisites for victory:

  • There are as many players as there are Crewmate players.
  • Destroy the ship’s oxygen system.

Continue to see Part 2 here!


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