Is It Time for a Professor Layton Collection on Nintendo Switch?

Is It Time for a Professor Layton Collection on Nintendo Switch?

28/11/2023 14:02 All8game


Some fans have been eagerly awaiting a Professor Layton collection on Nintendo Switch. With the recent announcements from Level-5, including the upcoming release of Professor Layton and the New World of Steam, the possibility of a Switch collection seems more likely than ever. In this article, we will explore the potential adaptations for the console and discuss why a Layton collection would be a welcome addition for fans. Let’s dive in!

The Potential of a Layton Collection on Nintendo Switch

Explore the possibility of a Professor Layton collection coming to Nintendo Switch and the excitement it brings for fans.

With the recent announcement of Professor Layton and the New World of Steam coming to Nintendo Switch, fans have been wondering if a Layton collection on the console is on the horizon. The potential of having all the mainline Layton games in one place is an exciting prospect for fans of the series.

Is It Time for a Professor Layton Collection on Nintendo Switch? - 1695972249

Imagine being able to experience the time-hopping story of The Lost Future, the emotional journey of Hershel and Luke, and the captivating puzzles on the Switch. It would be a dream come true for Layton enthusiasts.

Adapting Layton’s Touch Controls for the Switch

Discover how the touch controls of the Layton series can be adapted for the Nintendo Switch and its touchscreen functionality.

The Layton series heavily relies on touch controls for character movement, puzzle-solving, and searching for Hint Coins. While the Switch may not have dual screens like the DS, it does have its own touchscreen functionality.

From Miracle Mask onwards, the series has already made adjustments to be more analogue stick-friendly, allowing players to scroll and tap to interact with the environment. This proves that the series can be played effectively on a single screen.

The Need for Adaptations: From Dual Screens to Single Screen

Explore how the Layton series can adapt from its original dual-screen gameplay to a single-screen experience on the Nintendo Switch.

In the original trilogy, puzzle instructions were displayed on the top screen, while the puzzle itself was on the bottom screen. However, the 3DS games opted for a touchscreen-only approach, eliminating the need for multiple screens.

When the original trilogy was brought to iOS and Android, it further proved that the Layton series could function seamlessly on a single screen. The controls and gameplay were adapted, showcasing the series’ flexibility.

The Possibility of Layton Collection Bundles

Discuss the potential of releasing Layton collection bundles on the Nintendo Switch, similar to the Ace Attorney series.

Considering the size and depth of some of the later Layton games, it may not be feasible to bundle all six titles into one package. However, following the example of the Ace Attorney series, two separate bundles could be created to differentiate the prequels from the sequels.

This approach would allow fans to experience the Layton series in a more organized and accessible manner, catering to both newcomers and longtime fans of the franchise.

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