Mastering the Prologue: How to Complete the First Mission in GTA V

Mastering the Prologue: How to Complete the First Mission in GTA V

23/04/2023 04:02 All8game


The first mission in any game can be daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with the controls or the gameplay mechanics. But fear not, completing the Prologue mission in GTA V is easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed walkthrough of the mission, along with some tips and tricks to help you get through it with ease.

Mission Overview:

The Prologue mission serves as an introduction to the game’s story and gameplay mechanics. It takes place in North Yankton, a small town in the Midwest, and follows two characters, Michael and Trevor, as they attempt to rob a bank. The mission is broken down into several parts, each with its own objectives.

Part 1: The Bank Robbery

The mission begins with Michael and Trevor driving to the bank in a stolen car. Once you arrive, follow the on-screen prompts to park the car and enter the bank. You’ll be prompted to equip a mask before entering to conceal your identity. Once inside, approach the tellers and intimidate them to open the vault. Follow the prompts to collect the cash and exit the bank.

Part 2: The Getaway

After escaping the bank, you’ll be pursued by the police. Get into the getaway car and follow the prompts to drive away from the police. The car will take some damage, so be careful not to crash too much. Once you’re far enough away from the police, you’ll switch to Trevor’s point of view and start shooting at the police.

Part 3: The Escape

After taking out a few police cars, you’ll switch back to Michael’s point of view. You’ll need to drive the getaway car to the rendezvous point, all while avoiding the police. Follow the on-screen prompts to drive through the town and avoid any obstacles or police cars in your way. Once you reach the rendezvous point, the mission is complete.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use cover: During the shooting segments of the mission, use cover to protect yourself from enemy fire. Press the cover button (default: Q on PC, A on Xbox, X on PlayStation) to take cover behind objects like walls, cars, or dumpsters.
  • Watch your health: Your health bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen. If it reaches zero, you’ll die and fail the mission. Use snacks or drinks to restore your health when it gets low.
  • Drive carefully: The getaway car will take damage from crashes and collisions. Try to drive carefully and avoid crashing into obstacles or other cars.
  • Use Franklin’s special ability: During the driving segments of the mission, you can use Franklin’s special ability to slow down time and make it easier to avoid obstacles and police cars. Press both thumbsticks in (L3+R3 on PlayStation and Xbox, Left Stick + Right Stick on PC) to activate the ability.


Completing the Prologue mission in GTA V is the first step towards a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. By following our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to complete the mission with ease and move on to the rest of the game’s exciting story and missions. Remember to take your time, use cover, and watch your health to ensure your success in this and all future missions.


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