Tutorial on How to Play Grand Theft Auto Online

Tutorial on How to Play Grand Theft Auto Online

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As of 2023, GTA Online is more crucial than the main game itself. Rockstar Games has earned a lot of respect from gamers over the years, and not just for their high-quality games like the Grand Theft Auto series, but also for their dedication to the gaming community as a whole.

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Rockstar is unique among large publishers in that it consistently releases AAA games that are well worth their asking price without resorting to pay-to-win microtransactions in the online components.

Microtransactions are present in Grand Theft Auto Online, one of their most successful online products, but they do not significantly alter the game’s balance. In most player vs player formats, the player’s in-game currency has no bearing on the outcome of the encounter.

Several publishers would have paid a huge fee to access GTA: Online, but they realized early on that it was essentially a separate game. If you buy GTA 5, you also receive access to GTA Online.

Tutorial on How to Play Grand Theft Auto Online

If you want to play PS4 online multiplayer, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus subscription. The same holds true for Xbox One, where an Xbox Live subscription is needed to access GTA: Online.

Except for the initial fee of the game itself, however, playing online games such as GTA: Online is completely free on PC.

Launch Grand Theft Auto 5 from an online library like Steam or Epic Games Store after you have purchased it. When you press play, Grand Theft Auto 5 will load its main menu.
The ‘Story Mode’ and ‘Online’ buttons are located here. If you want to jump right into GTA: Online, all you have to do is select the “Online” option.

After you’ve made your online character, you can choose to play through the game’s Tutorial. After that is done, your options in GTA: Online are practically limitless.

To Sum It Up:

You’ll need to purchase Grand Theft Auto 5 for any platform you intend to play it on before you can join an online game. To proceed, click the “Online” option. Players will need to make a character for use in the online component of the game, after which a Tutorial will be made available to teach you the ropes. Finishing the tutorial unlocks uninterrupted gameplay in GTA Online.


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