Ways to maximize Nunu’s super-speed forest clearing from the start of the battle.

Ways to maximize Nunu’s super-speed forest clearing from the start of the battle.

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The Ice Fire Event is stillining its attraction as Nunu is showing up too overwhelmingly in the forestry position in every squad. However, how to optimize this general’s super-speed forest cleaning capabilities?

Start with Bot and Gank early from Lv2

Nunu possessed an incredible skill of swallowing. The massive number of casualties and the strong ability to recover made the general virtually free from any danger when farming in the early stages of the battle. With the help of the Bot lane, Nunu can quickly lift up the lv2 and raise onto the Snowball to run to explore the enemy’s spell.

In the event that the enemy’s forest hasn’t eaten the magic field on Bot Street, take advantage of this time to rob thanks to your swallow and punishment. In contrast, you can redirect the gank bot right from lv2 to create a surprise for your opponent. On average, the AD and SP team will need up to 1.5 turn soldiers in order to progress to level 2. Take advantage of the unpleasant mobility and rush from the snowbridge to get an early advantage for your Bot lane.

Eat two meals at a time.

Nunu’s Inner Ice Call allows the general to increase his speed by 30 percent in 4 seconds after causing damage to an enemy general, monster or building. It is worth saying that the strikes during this period will turn into widespread handshakes, causing damage to spread to nearby objects. Therefore, the monsters of many units such as birds, wolves, or rock people, which is the nightmare of forest walkers, Nunu can completely “weigh” in an instant.

Forestryers can also take advantage of Nunu’s ability to clean up multiple forests at the same time, such as Red Magic – Birds, or Blue Magic – Turtles. Just pulling both fields to the same central position, Nunu’s speed will be significantly increased, helping to improve the general’s gank lane ability.

Use 1 as a second punishment.

At the maximum level of swallowing, Nunu can cause up to 1000 standard dames for any of these units to hit. This means that at large targets such as Dragons, Barons, or disputed units such as Strange Cua… it will be extremely difficult to rob when the enemy Nunu is nearby.

You can completely destroy large targets as soon as their blood cells still have about 1500-2000 remaining blood. As such, a Nunu in the forest should limit to the maximum the farming of unnecessary monsters and setup a reasonable time to always control the big targets in advance. It should be understood that getting from 1 to 2 elemental dragons at the early stage of the battle provides a huge advantage not only in terms of resources and experience but also helps the entire team to enjoy many valuable benefits.

Use 2 as a solution to eliminate control.

Many gamers still reward using remote Snow Bridge as a means of effectively suppressing and retaining opponents. However, there is a mechanism that many Nunu players have accidentally overlooked when using this brand name. Nunu during the rolling will not be slowed down by external effects. This means that with the exception of a lot of silent or overwhelming skills, Nunu will not be able to be stopped while fighting and quickly escape from the dangerous battles around.

Using the Snow Bridge will also eliminate any slowing state that Nunu has previously been affected to activate his exercise process. As such, Nunu can completely overcome unpleasant skills such as Janna’s West Wind, Lulu’s Light Wound, Mundo’s Bacterial Shredder… or even any other equipment with a slowing effect. So, if you are in the midst of unwanted battles, or take advantage of the Snow Bridge to keep your net and find a reasonable counter chance.



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