Unlocking Tallneck Wonders in the Forbidden West

Unlocking Tallneck Wonders in the Forbidden West

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Are you a fan of Horizon: Forbidden West who is searching for an exciting new experience? If that’s the case, then you should definitely check out this guide! Follow our detailed directions to discover all of the tallnecks in the land, each of which contains its own set of riddles, a different set of mysteries, and a different set of rewards. We’ve got you covered in every possible scenario, from Cinnabar Sands to Shining Sands, Landfall to The Stand of Sentinels. Now is the time to gather your supplies and get ready for some intense adventuring!

Horizon Forbidden West

The first step is to uncover the tallneck in the Cinnabar Sands.

Your voyage will begin at the Cinnabar Sands Tallneck, so get ready to explore! Follow the road southward from Meridian until you reach a massive stone archway that is bordered on all sides by sand dunes. This is the place you want to visit. Once you’ve entered the area, it’s important to keep an eye out for the countless ruins that are strewn about; you’ll need these at some point. Now turn your attention upward and seek for a massive robotic creature that towers above you; that is the Cinnabar Sands Tallneck, which is your objective.

In order to solve this problem, you should begin by looking at the four sculptures that are located around its base. These statues are easy to find. Following completion of these steps, four pillars will materialize from the ground, each bearing a distinctive sign. When done successfully, matching up each statue sign with its accompanying pillar symbol will let you to advance farther in the process of uncovering the data core hidden within this tallneck. It is important that their places fit together like pieces of a puzzle. You can use these platforms as steps to climb to higher ground and interact with an override switch that is perched atop one of them if you do so. Doing so will activate numerous platforms near where you entered the area. This operation activates two more pillars in the area, which need to have their data scanned in order to proceed with unlocking the data core of this tall neck.

After you have completed everything, check to see that both sides are perfectly synchronized before you strike yet another override switch atop one of the pillars (located behind where you initially entered). Doing so concludes unlocking the Cinnabar Sand’s Talleck’ s data core – congratulations! Congratulations, you now have access to new facts about the world that Aloy inhabits.

The second step is to figure out how to bypass the locked Shining Sands tallnecks.

Horizon Forbidden West

Finding a solution to bypass locked Shining Sands Tallecks should be the next item on your to-do list. First, you’ll need to find it; you can look for it to the east of Maker’s End. When you are close enough, perform a scan on it; doing so will activate a number of buildings surrounding its feet, including elevators, bridges, and barriers, among other things. To access the data core of the Talleck after it has been successfully unlocked, all of these components need to be utilized in conjunction with one another to synchronize the three locks that encircle its body. The challenging portion is about to begin: you need to perform various parkour moves here, such as jumping onto walls and riding elevators, among other things. And despite the fact that this may appear to be difficult at first, remember that practice makes perfect, therefore you shouldn’t give up! After finishing those tasks – you’ll finally arrive where you need to press buttons simultaneously at separate spots.

Step 3: Discovering Stillsands Talleck

We will go to the west in the direction of Stillsands Talleck for our third and last stop. If it is ever going to be fully unlocked, this sturdy building, which contains significant information about Aloy’s world, will need assistance from both human hands and machines alike. To begin, locate two gizmos in the immediate area and scan them; doing so will activate a massive wall in the immediate area that will require the cooperation of both people and machines if it is ever to be traversed and lead farther into the Stillsands Talleck complex itself. This entails utilizing machines as stepping stones while traversing platforms and other obstacles along the route; nevertheless, you must not forget to maintain synchronization between both sides during the entirety of the procedure, or else you will fail horribly. Once we’ve reached the finish point, we need to keep hitting the buttons simultaneously until the lock unlocks. This will eventually get us inside and will also give us complete access to Talleon’s Datacore after that. Again, my sincere congratulations, explorer! We Done It!!

Finding the Cauldron Iota Talleck is the fourth step.

Horizon Forbidden West

Cauldron Iota Tallein is waiting for us there, and it is the fourth location that we will visit today. It is located northwards towards Carvahall Plains near Red Ridge Pass, and it is filled with many mysteries that are hidden deep within itself. These mysteries are waiting only for courageous adventurers such as ourselves who dare to enter inside. First things first – we have to find the cauldrons that are strewn about the area, just like we always have – scanning each one will lead us to the panels that are located all over the distant walls, which will create pathways along with other obstacles that are only meant for machines – once we have successfully completed this task, we can anticipate discovering multiple switches hidden beneath the fallen rocks when we reach our destination point – when we activate all of these switches simultaneously, we will open the door that will take us further ahead I hope you have a safe journey there, explorer! Be sure that you have the appropriate number of companions helping you out, too, otherwise you run the risk of completely failing the quest.

The fifth step is to stand on the tall necks of the sentinels.

We continue our trek in the direction of Stand Of The Sentinels, where two more challenges are waiting for our daring explorer before he may gain access to something very special…
And believe me when I say that if you are successful, it will truly pay off since what is hidden inside is quite wonderful (don’t worry, we won’t give anything away here!). Keep in mind that despite how challenging the task of solving the problem may appear, you should constantly maintain your concentration because there is success waiting for those who put forth their best effort.

Step 6: Landfall’sTall Neck

Last but not least is Landfall, which has one final puzzle that needs to be solved before accessing whatever secrets may lie within…but don’t worry – even though these challenges can be difficult at times, completing them always yields great reward – just make sure that you read through everything carefully or else you risk missing out on something special.

So, there you have it: six steps packed to the brim with extraordinary difficulties requiring professional navigation and puzzle-solving abilities, all leading up to the discovery of one-of-a-kind mysteries concealed behind the particular locks of each site… But, keep this in mind. Never forget why we started down such an exciting path in the first place – discovering Horizon Forbidden West’s many wonders along our travels through its lands… Despite how excited or overwhelmed you may be by what each entry brings, you should never lose sight of the fact that we started on such an exciting path. I wish you all the best of luck out there, my friends… Now is the time to begin the quest!


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